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            Every interaction is an opportunity to get it Right From The Start.™


            Whether you are a DIY or working with a builder or architect, we are here to help select the right products to have the best results.


            We have everything you need to finish the job right; from deliveries of full truckloads of materials to drills, hammers and nails.


            Our services and extensive quality product lines make it easy to work with our team of experts. We will work to find the right solution.

            • What's New

            Elegant, Functional, Shades

            At S&E Building Materials we strive to bring you the latest products and options for your home. For years Marvin has provided its clients and customers with top quality products. Marvin Windows and Doors knows the value of innovation and are now introducing shades, the perfect compliment to their established windows and doors. Staying true to their tradition of excellent quality, these durable, functional and also stylish shades are offered in many fabric and color...

            Learn More

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